NewsHive @ St. Joseph’s College


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St. Joseph’s College – Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
Fri. April 24 5-830pm & Sat. April 25 9am-8pm

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NewsHive is a pop-up newsroom and digital storytelling competition. It is a collaborative project where teens work in small teams of peers led by professional media mentors who will introduce you to new ways to tell stories that is not just text and is more than images. This is a hands-on, interactive workshop based event. Our theme for 2015 will be Environmental Justice.

We are looking for high school teens who like to make stuff and tell stories. Experience with high school journalism is a plus and ability to work with others is a must.

Why you should sign up for NewsHive?
You will learn new skills and make new friends and contacts. Teens will leave with an understanding of what digital storytelling is and why it matters. It will be challenging and fun. And it’s FREE. Top winners may be published in Vice News and get a newsroom tour of Vice’s offices.
Who should sign up for NewsHive?
If you are 14-19 years old and associate yourself with any of the following words, you should sign up: media, maker, creator, team, fun, energy, solutions-based, getting involved, making a difference, being heard, mattering. This NewsHive will have an Environmental Justice theme so teens who think this sounds interesting/cool/intriguing/not dumb should sign up.
Sample Schedule:

Day 1: Evening Kick-Off event.

The kick-off event will create opportunities for teams to recruit new members and meet their mentors in preparation for the following day of media production. Groups can share contact information and begin their brainstorms and initial preparation overnight.

Day 2: Media Project work and competition

Participants will arrive and immediately begin work on their projects. Projects will center on the issues affecting young people in NYC around the theme of environmental justice. All will use a digital storytelling tool and will be created under the guidance of adult mentors who will provide materials to structure and scaffold the work, so that groups can complete their projects on time.
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